KeeTech Remote Help for Existing Customers

This facility is normally a paid-for service and hence is intended for existing customers. With your cooperation, we provide the help by remotely accessing and controlling your computer This process is simpler and easier than it may sound at first.

This particular type of help only works if you have a functioning Internet connection. (If this is not the case, we can still help you by other methods.)

We have 2 geographically separate helpdesk facilities. The Helpdesk software comes in two versions, one for each location. Please call us on the usual office number before downloading this software. We will recommend which version is best suited for your current problem.

To download the software choose one of these links:-

Solihull Helpdesk    Derby Helpdesk    Mobile Helpdesk

Your anti-virus or security software may warn you that it is an executable file. You will need to tell the system to download the file anyway.

Save the file somewhere you can find it again easily. The Windows Desktop is usually a good place for this. The HelpDesk file will still work if it is stored elsewhere or moved.

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet before you let us know that you are ready to start a HelpDesk session.

Most broadband connections are always-on, with AOL(tm) being one obvious exception. If your service is with AOL(tm) you will need to be logged in. For a dial-up connection you will need to connect as you would normally.

Depending on the help you require and the nature of the problem, you may need to talk to us on the phone during the session.

To run the HelpDesk programme:-

1) Double-click on the programme icon, or, use a Right-click and then selet 'Run' from the pop-up menu.

2) A login screen should appear. You do not need to enter a user name. If you need a password, we will provide one by phone.

3) Enter the password in the space provided.

4) Click on the 'Connect'.

5) The remote connection should start within a few seconds.

We should then be able to see your computer screen and control the keyboard and mouse. Hopefully at that point we should be able to give you the help or guidance required.

When the troubleshooting has been done we can disconnect from your computer.

At this point the session is over (except of course for paying the piper).


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